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5 Proven and Effective Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Email List


Your journey involves more than just serving meals; you create memories and build a community. In the world of cooking, having regular customers is crucial for success. It’s those loyal patrons who keep coming back, finding comfort and joy in what your place offers.

Running a restaurant isn’t easy, but the key is having familiar faces – those customers who keep your doors open and stoves working. In a world where staying afloat depends on happy customers, collecting and using customer data is super important. That brings us to a powerful tool: email marketing. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer, a smart way to keep customers returning and building a connection beyond your menu.

Excitingly, mastering email marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be done with little investment. Today, we’ll explore how email marketing can transform your restaurant business. Get ready to discover some simple yet effective strategies to grow your email list and keep your business thriving!


Why Email Marketing is Important for Restaurant Owners?



In today’s digital world with tons of food choices, staying connected with your customers is more than just business as usual. That’s where email marketing comes in – a powerful tool often overlooked in the food industry. It’s more than order confirmations; it’s the secret sauce that deepens your connection with customers. It’s not just about promotions; it’s about creating a story that resonates with your community. Your restaurant is more than a place to eat; it’s a vital part of the local scene, and email marketing helps strengthen this bond.

Having an email list has lots of perks. It lets you talk directly to your customers and be their first choice when they crave a tasty meal. Remember those tough times, like the early days of the pandemic? A strong email list was crucial for keeping customers informed about closures and re-openings. It’s not just about making sales; it’s about building loyalty, making sure your brand stays top-of-mind for your customers.

1. Direct Ordering and Email Signup Forms:

In the world of online food ordering, keeping track of your customers can be tricky. While third-party services may bring in more business, they often keep customer data to themselves. To truly grow your restaurant, focus on direct online ordering. Encourage customers to sign up using their email addresses during the ordering process. Even without a loyalty program, create accounts that remember customer details and add them to your exclusive email list. If you have a website, strategically place signup forms on every page, capturing even those not ordering right away but planning to do so in the future.

2. QR Codes Throughout Your Restaurant:

Use QR codes to enhance customer engagement. Integrate them into your physical restaurant and online presence. Place them on your website for quick email sign-ups. Print them on menus, table signage, and receipts for easy in-house registration. When customers scan these codes, direct them to your loyalty program or sign-up pages, letting them opt into your email list. Make QR codes a common part of your restaurant experience, linking the physical and digital worlds for increased customer interaction.

3. Ask for Emails at the Table:

Merge online and at-table experiences by incorporating email collection into in-house strategies. Train staff to seamlessly ask for emails during the dining experience. Provide a compelling reason for customers to share their email addresses. For instance, encourage participation in surveys or sign up for exciting promotions while enjoying dessert after a satisfying meal. Capture valuable contact information and foster a more personalized and engaging connection with patrons.

4. Email Raffles and Prizes:

Elevate email sign-ups by turning them into thrilling opportunities. Implement raffles and prizes tied to email registrations to entice participation. Incentivize customers to share thoughts through surveys with the promise of winning a delectable dessert. Loyalty members can effortlessly join, and new customers can either sign up or seize the chance to become part of your rewards program. Transform the sign-up process into a captivating experience, gathering valuable emails and leaving a lasting impression.

5. Provide Guest Wi-Fi:

Become a hospitality hero by offering guest Wi-Fi, creating a convenient experience for patrons. This gesture eliminates the need for customers to use their phone data while dining at your establishment. With each connection to your guest Wi-Fi, prompt customers to log in using their email, granting them easy access to the network and enrolling them in your email communications. This simple approach ensures your restaurant stays on their radar, ready to deliver enticing offers and updates directly to their inbox.

Apply these and grow your revenue:

Putting these strategies into action isn’t just about getting more emails; it’s about building a lively connection with your customers. By smoothly adding email marketing to your business, you’re not only ensuring repeat business but also creating a story that connects with your community. Direct orders, interesting content, and special offers become the essential ingredients of a flourishing restaurant.

Need Help? We’re Here!

Embark on this culinary journey with OrderE – your partner in the ever-changing world of restaurant management. If you’re excited about using these strategies and boosting your restaurant’s online presence, our team is ready to help. Whether it’s setting up direct ordering systems or creating compelling email campaigns, we’re here to make sure your restaurant not only survives but thrives in the competitive market.


In the world of great food, email marketing is like the thread that stitches your restaurant into the heart of your community. OrderE, your Online Ordering Solution Provider, is more than a service; it’s a promise to enhance your culinary story. Embrace the magic of email marketing, expand your list, and transform your restaurant into more than just a spot for meals – let it become an experience, a tradition, and a beloved part of your customers’ lives.



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