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Choosing the Best ePOS for UK Restaurants & Takeaways


When it comes to managing your restaurant in the UK, making informed decisions is key. One such decision is selecting the perfect EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system. An EPOS system empowers you to oversee every aspect of your restaurant’s operations through a single, efficient interface.

But how do you go about choosing the best point-of-sale platform for your establishment? What features should you prioritize in your investment? This comprehensive guide delves into these questions while meticulously examining the leading, budget-friendly EPOS solutions tailored for UK restaurants.

Understanding EPOS Systems




An EPOS system is more than just a cash register; it’s your restaurant’s intelligent companion, handling transactions, inventory management, and customer data with finesse. Think of it as a digital assistant that simplifies your operations, streamlines sales monitors stock levels and processes payments seamlessly.

Exceptional EPOS systems do more than facilitate payments; they serve as invaluable business assistants. These systems enable real-time inventory tracking, ensuring you’re always aware of your stock levels and when it’s time to reorder supplies. Moreover, they provide detailed sales reports, shedding light on your top-selling items and customer preferences, helping you make data-driven decisions that boost your bottom line.

In the dynamic world of UK restaurants, EPOS systems are becoming indispensable for keeping operations running smoothly.

👉 Unlock the Full Potential of Restaurant Transactions with EPOS Systems.

Key Features of a Robust EPOS System

When evaluating EPOS systems for your restaurant, ensure they encompass at least five critical features to maximize their advantages:

Sales Reporting: Access insightful reports that break down sales trends, top-selling items, and customer preferences, enabling data-driven business decisions.

Payment Options: Opt for EPOS systems that offer diverse payment methods, including credit cards, mobile wallets, and contactless options, catering to various customer preferences.

Security Measures: Prioritize data protection and encryption options to safeguard sensitive customer information and financial data in compliance with prevailing regulations.

Scalability: Ensure that your chosen EPOS system can accommodate increasing transaction volumes and additional features as your business grows without significant disruptions.

Furthermore, look for EPOS systems with robust inventory management capabilities. These systems enable efficient real-time tracking of inventory, preventing overstocking and ensuring you never run out of popular items. Consider EPOS systems that offer ongoing support and updates.

In addition to these core features, there are other essential aspects to consider before making a final decision about your EPOS system.  Specific needs and expectations are crucial for ensuring a smooth and efficient operation as your restaurant continues to grow.

To explore these additional key elements in detail, delve into our comprehensive guide to Discovering the Most Important Features of a Perfect Epos System.

Exploring the Best EPOS Solutions for UK Restaurants

All EPOS solutions should offer some degree of customization, allowing you to tailor your restaurant’s setup to meet its unique needs. Today’s leading solutions include features like product category configuration, promotion setup, and discount management.

💡 Here's a closer look at some of the top EPOS choices to help you make an informed decision for your UK restaurant.

In the quest to curb the financial strain caused by third-party commissions, there’s one strategy that stands head and shoulders above the rest: having your independent online ordering system. This game-changing approach puts the reins firmly back in your hands, offering an array of benefits that can supercharge your restaurant’s profitability.

🌐 Choice #1: OrderE

OrderE offers an EPOS designed to streamline sales for your restaurant. This versatile platform supports various payment methods, including invoice generation for catering services. The kitchen display ensures efficient organization, and you can further optimize order flow and reduce costs with the QR Order and Pay feature.

OrderE stands out by providing comprehensive functionality through a single resource, surpassing competitors in many aspects. Key features include:

  • An interactive menu builder for quick item creation.
  • Support for various types of restaurants, including takeaways, delivery, and cafes.
  • Built-in marketing promotions and tools.
  • Table booking management and online reservation capabilities.
  • Robust supply management and inventory control, tracking individual ingredients.
  • Live driver tracking for enhanced delivery management.

Even if your UK restaurant takes orders through different channels, OrderE seamlessly syncs them to streamline your operations and provide faster service.

Additional Benefits of OrderE’s EPOS Solution

Comprehensive Reporting: OrderE’s EPOS solution provides extensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to delve deep into your business’s performance. Access sales trends, customer preferences, and inventory levels at your fingertips. These insights empower you to make informed decisions that can drive growth.

Intuitive User Interface: One of the standout features of OrderE is its user-friendly interface. Your staff can quickly learn to navigate the system, reducing training time and ensuring smooth operations from day one.

Seamless Integration: OrderE seamlessly integrates with popular online platforms and delivery services. This means you can effortlessly manage orders from multiple channels, providing a convenient experience for both your customers and your team.

Exceptional Customer Support: We understand that transitioning to a new EPOS system can be a significant change. That’s why OrderE offers exceptional customer support. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions, technical issues, or customization needs you may have.

To explore more about OrderE’s EPOS solution and how it can benefit your UK restaurant, visit our Detailed review and Guide on the Best EPOS Solutions for UK Restaurants.

🌐 Choice #2: Square

Square, a prominent financial technology company founded by Jack Dorsey, offers an EPOS system that efficiently processes payments using mobile devices. Particularly beneficial for UK restaurants seeking a convenient and cost-effective way to accept credit card payments, Square provides a range of tools, including appointment scheduling, online stores, and restaurant management.

Square’s user-friendly approach and transparent fee structure have made it a popular choice. However, it’s essential to be aware of occasional holds on funds and the need for a dedicated customer service line for restaurants.

Overall, Square simplifies financial services, empowering businesses to manage their finances efficiently.

🌐 Choice #3: SumUp

Established in 2012, SumUp provides devices that allow quick card payments via smartphones or tablets, serving as a straightforward and accessible payment processing solution. The transparent pricing model is ideal for cost-conscious UK restaurant owners, and its services span multiple countries, offering cross-border support.

While SumUp primarily focuses on payment processing, it enables you to track transactions, generate reports, and configure business tools to streamline workflows. Some users may encounter occasional connection issues with the card reader, but overall, it offers a positive user experience and even supports loyalty point tracking.

SumUp is an excellent choice, especially for new restaurants, startups, or pop-ups seeking an affordable and convenient payment solution.

🌐 Choice #4: Epos Now

Founded in 2011, Epos Now offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software to help businesses efficiently manage transactions, inventory, and customer interactions. With features like staff scheduling and the Kitchen Display System, which synchronizes front and back-of-house operations, Epos Now excels in versatility.

While its feature-rich interface may require a learning curve initially, Epos Now provides essential capabilities once you become familiar with it. It offers multiple station views, order grouping, and expeditor mode, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.

Investing time in understanding its features can reveal Epos Now as a robust and adaptable choice, capable of streamlining your restaurant’s operations.


Selecting the Right EPOS for Your Business

Choosing the ideal EPOS system for your UK restaurant is akin to finding the missing puzzle piece that completes the overall picture of your business success. To make this crucial decision, follow these steps:

Know Your Needs: Assess your restaurant’s requirements, considering factors such as the size of your establishment, the complexity of your menu, and the number of tables to manage. List essential features, such as sales reports, inventory tracking, and customer loyalty programs.

Choose User-Friendly Interfaces: Opt for EPOS systems with user-friendly user experiences that everyone on your team can quickly learn and navigate.

Consider Device Compatibility: Ensure the selected EPOS system is compatible with the devices you are currently using or planning to use, whether they are tablets or traditional registers.

Plan for Scalability: Think about your restaurant’s future growth and choose an EPOS system that can expand your business.

Evaluate Payment Options: Check whether the EPOS system supports various payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and digital wallets, to provide customers with flexible payment choices.

Integration: If you already use accounting or inventory management tools, assess how well the preferred EPOS system integrates with them.

Budget: Carefully consider your budget, including hardware costs like tablets or receipt printers. Some EPOS systems charge a flat fee, while others operate on a subscription model.

Prioritize Security: Ensure that the EPOS system effectively manages sensitive information while complying with current regulatory standards.

If an EPOS provider offers a trial period, take advantage of it to assess whether the system aligns with your restaurant’s needs and workflows.


Tips and Best Practices for EPOS Implementation

Implementing an EPOS system effectively requires careful planning. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition:

Staff Training: Invest in comprehensive training for your staff to ensure they can use the EPOS system efficiently.

Data Security: Prioritize data security by implementing encryption and complying with regulatory standards.

Regular Updates: Stay up-to-date with system updates and enhancements to take advantage of new features.

Customization: Tailor the EPOS system to your restaurant’s specific needs, including menu configurations and promotions.

Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop with your staff to continuously improve system usage and address any challenges.

For more in-depth guidance on EPOS system implementation best practices, visit our Comprehensive Guide on EPOS Implementation Tips and Best Practices.



Choosing the right EPOS system is a critical decision that can significantly impact any restaurant’s efficiency and profitability. This guide will serve as a roadmap to selecting the perfect EPOS for your UK restaurant. By understanding your needs, evaluating available options, considering emerging trends, and implementing best practices, you can ensure that your EPOS system not only meets your current requirements but also grows with your restaurant’s success.

Invest in the right EPOS system now to ensure it grows with your business and helps you succeed in the competitive UK restaurant and takeaway industry.



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