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A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Restaurant and Takeaway

4th June, 2023 – 05:48 AM

Every takeaway owner wants their takeaways to be found online easily since it is pivotal to get orders, so you are. And for that, you have to avoid certain things when choosing the domain, since it’s the one that represents your restaurant online and helps people find it.

Want to know what should be avoided in terms of selecting the domain name for your business? Then, this is especially for you.

Your takeaway’s website domain is more than just a string of letters. Traffic online depends on it. The foundation of your restaurant’s online presence depends on your domain name because it’s what customers see in your offline marketing as well as all over the online marketing.

Take a look at what you shouldn’t include in your takeaway domain name. Then, we’ll review some best practices.

Don’t select the takeaway name and domain name at different times

You have to pick your takeaway name and domain name at the same time. If you wait too long to get a domain name, and your takeaway is already established, a domain with your takeaway name can be registered by others and it could cause problems for you.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Long domain names are hard to remember. When your domain name is too long, people are more likely to misspell it and may not find your website. Also, search engines like Google prefer simple, easy-to-understand URLS that give users what they are looking for. However, don’t Use Odd Characters such as dashes, abbreviations or numbers in your domain name. It’s hard for people to recall abbreviations and symbols, and your web traffic will suffer.

Don’t Settle

Let’s say you want to have the domain www.pizzeria.com for your business, but it has already been taken along with www.pizzeria.net. While neither of these is competition in your area, you think you can pick a different extension and keep the name, going with something like www.pizzeria.co. This is a bad idea. Don’t get frustrated and choose the first option that’s available.

Now the most effective tips for choosing the right domain name for your takeaway business.


    •  You want a catchy domain name that your customers will remember. So, your goal should be to keep it short, simple and easy to type while making it easy to pronounce and spell.

    • If your preferred domain is not available, try to target the area. You can add your city name at the beginning or end of your domain name. For example, saffronconwy.co.uk.

    • Do your research. You don’t want a domain name that’s trademarked, copyrighted, had issues in the past or is being used by another company in some form. By doing your research, you’ll avoid a costly legal battle.

Always use the extension .co.uk for your domain name. It’s the most well-known and recognized in the UK Food Industry.

By following these best practices and choosing a memorable and appropriate domain name, you can enhance your online visibility, attract more customers, and drive orders for your takeaway business.



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