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A Guide to Overcoming Top 4 Customer Challenges in Online Ordering


Imagine the delicious smell of your favorite dishes and the happiness of a perfectly cooked meal. These are the ingredients for a great dining experience. Today, everyone loves the ease of ordering food online. In today’s fast world, convenience is key, leading to the popularity of online ordering. For UK restaurants and takeaways, going digital opens up new possibilities but also brings challenges. 

Ordering food online can be tricky. There are challenges for you and your customers that might cause problems with orders and happiness. It’s important to know these challenges to do well. Unhappy customers can lead to lost orders and missed chances.

This guide looks at the top four issues customers face when ordering food online in the UK. We’ll provide simple solutions to turn these challenges into opportunities for a successful business. So, let’s get ready to tackle these digital challenges together!

Challenge 1: Website & App Puzzle: Frustration at First Click



Ever been frustrated by a complicated menu that leaves you hungrier than when you started? Your customers feel the same. A straightforward ordering experience is what hungry souls crave. Hungry customers crave simplicity when ordering online. A complicated menu that lacks easy modifications can lead to frustration.

Imagine this: a hungry customer, excited to check out your online menu, encounters a confusing puzzle. Slow loading times, unclear interfaces, and hidden fees lead to frustration, causing them to leave their orders behind. An overly complicated ordering process can lead to frustration. Imagine customers struggling to find the ‘Menu’ button or being forced to register before they can place an order.

Let’s make sure your website or app doesn’t become a conversion killer!

The Recipe for User-Friendly Navigation:

  • Invest in a website or app with lightning-fast loading speeds. Optimize images and code for smooth navigation. 
  • Design an intuitive interface with well-organized menus and easy-to-find information. 
  • Be upfront about pricing, including delivery charges. No hidden costs at checkout! 
  • Ensure your online menu is user-friendly, with clear sections for crust options, sauce choices, toppings, and more. 
  • Test your ordering process to identify any difficulties and simplify it for a smoother customer journey.

Keep the design clean and concise, with minimal steps during checkout. Make ‘Order Now’ the star of every page, allowing your customers to complete their orders seamlessly.

Challenge 2: Menu Magic: When Pictures Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Your tasty dishes should shine! But if your online menu isn’t up to par, it can make customers unsure about ordering. Limited options, inaccurate descriptions, and outdated information can create a gap between expectation and reality.

The Art of Mastering Menus:

  • Be a Picture Perfect Chef: Use high-quality photos that capture the essence of your food. 
  • Write Like a Food Critic: Craft compelling descriptions that go beyond listing ingredients. 
  • Stay Dynamic, Not Static: Regularly update your menu to reflect seasonal changes and specials.

Challenge 3: Swift Deliveries for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers ordering online expect timely deliveries to their doorsteps. The joy of a yummy meal can become frustrating when delivery times are wrong, and there’s no way to track it. Let’s get rid of the uncertainty and bring some peace of mind!

The Recipe for Seamless Delivery:

  • Implement systems that calculate realistic delivery times.
  • Integrate technology for real-time order tracking.
  • Keep customers informed with timely updates.
  • Consider allocating dedicated staff to handle online orders.
  • Reduce wait times, and provide quicker responses to customer requests.

Enhancing delivery efficiency can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Challenge 4: Diverse Payment Options for Confidence in Transactions

Customers often hesitate when payment options are limited or security is questionable. It’s crucial to offer a variety of payment methods to cater to all preferences. From card payments to PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, the more options you provide, the more confident your customers will feel in completing their orders.

Convenience, speed, and security are the keys to unlocking higher conversions and sales.

The Recipe for a Secure Payment Experience: 

  • Implement robust security measures to protect customer data and transactions.
  • Offer a variety of popular and secure payment gateways.
  • Clearly communicate your refund policy and payment-related terms.
  • Prioritize security and convenience to build trust with your customers.


In the fast-paced world of online ordering, challenges are bound to happen, but they can be overcome. By addressing user-friendliness, menu presentation, delivery transparency, customization options, and payment security, you create a path for a smooth and satisfying experience.

In the ever-changing landscape of the UK’s online food market, mastering the digital world isn’t just about avoiding problems; it’s about making a positive experience that draws in and keeps customers. A happy customer stays loyal, leading to a successful business.



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