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How to Add a Ghost Kitchen to Your Existing Restaurant / Takeaway?



Running a restaurant today can be tough. Restaurant owners are dealing with many challenges that make it hard to earn a profit. These challenges include high rent costs, expensive employee salaries, and the strong influence of delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash. These issues can cut into the money restaurants make.

To keep your restaurant successful, you need to find new ways to increase sales and make more money. One smart solution is to add a “ghost kitchen” to your restaurant. A ghost kitchen is a way to cook food just for delivery without having a dining area for customers to sit and eat. By using a ghost kitchen, you can offer more delivery options and potentially boost your income.


What is a Ghost Kitchen?


A ghost kitchen, sometimes called a virtual or cloud kitchen, is a place where food is cooked just for delivery orders. Unlike regular restaurants, ghost kitchens don’t have a dining area for people to sit and eat. Instead, their main focus is making food and sending it out for delivery.

Ghost kitchens work in places that are not in busy shopping areas, which helps them save money on rent and other costs. Since there is no need for a customer dining space, ghost kitchens can be more efficient. They can meet the rising demand for convenient food delivery and can often prepare food for different brands or menus in one kitchen space.

How Adding a Ghost Kitchen Can Increase Your Existing Food Business Sales and Profit?

Adding a ghost kitchen to your existing food business can help increase your sales and profit in several ways. Let’s break down how this works in easy-to-understand terms:

  1. Lower Costs: A ghost kitchen doesn’t need to be as large as a traditional restaurant since it only focuses on preparing food for delivery. This means you save money on rent, utilities, and staff, which helps you keep more of the profit from each order.

  2. Specialized Menu: Ghost kitchens allow you to focus on a smaller menu with items that are easy to deliver and popular for takeout. By streamlining the menu, you can prepare orders more quickly, reduce food waste, and fulfill orders faster, which can improve customer satisfaction.


  3. Easier Growth: Ghost kitchens make it easier for you to expand your delivery services. If demand increases, you can add more kitchen space or open new ghost kitchen locations without needing to invest in a full-service restaurant. This helps you grow your business without a big financial commitment.


  4. More Variety: If your main restaurant specializes in one type of food, like Indian cuisine, you can use a ghost kitchen to offer a different type of food, such as Italian cuisine. This allows you to attract a wider range of customers who may not have been interested in your original menu.


  5. Seasonal and Limited-Time Offers: Ghost kitchens give you the flexibility to try out seasonal dishes or special promotions for holidays and events. Offering unique, limited-time options can draw in customers looking for something new and different.


  6. Meet Dietary Needs: By having a ghost kitchen, you can create a separate menu that focuses on specific dietary preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, or keto-friendly options. This can attract health-conscious customers who may not have previously ordered from your restaurant.


  7. Partnering with Others: Some businesses are trying out a collaborative ghost kitchen model, where they work with other food brands or celebrity chefs. This helps you introduce new menu items and appeal to different audiences, which can increase your sales and boost your brand.

In short, a ghost kitchen helps you cut costs, offer more options, and adapt to changing tastes, which can lead to higher sales and profits for your existing food business.

How to Add a Ghost Kitchen to Your Existing Restaurant?

Incorporating a ghost kitchen into your existing restaurant involves careful planning and execution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully add a ghost kitchen to your restaurant:

Assess Your Kitchen Capacity: Begin by evaluating your current kitchen to understand its space, equipment, and available staff. Determine if your kitchen can handle additional food preparation without disrupting your current operations. Consider any upgrades or rearrangements that might be needed.

Choose Complementary Brands or Menus: Decide whether you want to add a complementary brand or create a new menu. Consider the tastes and preferences of your current customers and potential new audiences. Choose a brand or menu that aligns with your restaurant’s reputation and is feasible to prepare in your kitchen.

Integrate the New Menu: Once you’ve decided on the new menu or brand, work with the brand owners (if you’re partnering with another brand) or develop recipes yourself. Train your staff to prepare the new items consistently and maintain the quality your customers expect.

Establish Delivery Infrastructure: Set up your new ghost kitchen offerings on leading delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and others. Make sure your food is packaged well to maintain quality during delivery. Set up efficient processes for receiving, preparing, and dispatching orders.

Market the New Offerings: Promote your new ghost kitchen offerings through targeted marketing campaigns. Use digital channels like social media, email, and online advertising to reach your current customer base and new potential customers. Highlight any special features of the new menu to attract interest.

Monitor and Adjust: After launching your ghost kitchen, keep an eye on its performance. Track sales, customer feedback, and any operational issues. Make adjustments as needed to improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Coordinate with Staff: Ensure that your existing restaurant staff is comfortable with the changes and understands how the ghost kitchen operates. Provide ongoing training and support to help them handle the additional workload and maintain high-quality service.

Ensure Compliance: Make sure your ghost kitchen complies with all local health and safety regulations, as well as any guidelines specific to delivery services. This includes proper food handling, storage, and preparation.

Stay Adaptable: Ghost kitchens can provide valuable opportunities for experimentation. Stay open to trying new concepts, dishes, or cuisines that may appeal to your customers. This flexibility can help you maximize your ghost kitchen’s potential.

By following these steps, you can successfully add a ghost kitchen to your existing restaurant, increasing your sales and profitability while reaching a wider range of customers.

Tips and Strategies to Make Your Ghost Kitchen Profitable


Adding a ghost kitchen to your existing restaurant operation can be a lucrative decision if you implement the right strategies. Here are five key approaches to help you maximize the potential of your ghost kitchen and ensure long-term profitability:

  1. Understand Your Customers Through Your Menu: The foundation of a successful ghost kitchen is a menu that caters to your target audience’s tastes and preferences. Research your customers’ preferences and dining habits to create a menu that resonates with them.


    For instance, offer exciting deals and trendy options for a younger crowd or provide family-friendly meals for households. Customizing your menu based on your customers’ needs can make your marketing efforts more effective and compelling.


  2. Develop a Compelling Branded Website: A well-managed, single-branded website should be a priority for your ghost kitchen. Choose an e-commerce platform with low rental or commission fees so that you can maximize your profit from orders placed through your branded website.

    A clear, user-friendly online presence can provide customers with a smooth ordering experience and help establish your brand.


  3. Implement a Strategy to Convert Third-Party Orders to Your Branded Website: To boost profitability, incentivize customers to order directly from your branded website instead of third-party platforms. Offer exclusive deals and discounts on your website to encourage customers to switch.

    Use marketing campaigns such as discount ads on social media and your website to drive traffic to your branded ordering platform.

    Additionally, include inserts in food deliveries offering discounts for ordering through your website. Utilize SMS marketing and targeted social media campaigns to personalize the customer experience and make the switch to your branded website appealing.


  4. Invest in a Comprehensive Ordering System with Marketing Support: A robust ordering system is essential for efficiently managing online orders and providing strong marketing and technical support.

    Look for a comprehensive solution that includes features such as inventory management, order tracking, and marketing strategies.

    This will help you navigate the competitive online ordering landscape and drive the success of your ghost kitchen operation.

At OrderE, we go beyond simply providing a website for online ordering. We take a comprehensive approach that covers everything from marketing to customer support, all to support your business’s growth. By booking a consultation with us, you’ll gain access to our expertise and tailored strategies designed to elevate your ghost kitchen’s success.

By implementing these five strategies, you can turn your ghost kitchen into a profitable addition to your existing restaurant business. Leveraging technology, optimizing your operations, and continuously engaging with your target audience can help you maximize the full potential of your ghost kitchen.


In the changing world of food service, adding a ghost kitchen to your restaurant can bring big benefits. It can help you sell more, make more money, and keep your business going strong. By teaming up with known brands, improving how your kitchen works, and offering more delivery options, you create new chances to grow. This helps you stay competitive and flexible in the market. With a good plan, your ghost kitchen can lead to lasting success in the industry.




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