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At OrderE, we believe that empowering food business owners like yourself is the key to success. That's why we're thrilled to share more about our powerful features and technology.

Own Branded Website: Say goodbye to third-party platforms with exorbitant commissions. Enjoy a fully mobile-responsive website, customisable design, and SEO optimization. Choose from various themes to create a unique and engaging online presence.

In-Built Digital Marketing Facilities: No need to hire a separate marketing team or worry about your budget. OrderE's in-built marketing features provide approximately £300 worth of paid marketing on social media platforms and Google, guaranteeing results. Maximize your reach with flyers, SMS, email marketing, and video ads.

OrderE Merchant App: Manage your restaurant business effortlessly with our user-friendly and intuitive mobile app. Track customer details, manage shifts, receive orders, and print receipts. Get an overview of your income and receive real-time notifications.

Free Table Booking: Unlike other platforms, our online ordering system includes a free Table Booking option. Increase your bookings and enhance the dining experience for your customers without any additional charges.

Eat-in Order Directly: Ensure safety while dining in your restaurant with our "Eat-in" feature. Customers can digitally order food by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need for physical menus and providing a contactless experience.

Dedicated Customer Support: We understand the importance of excellent support. That's why OrderE provides you with a dedicated Customer Support Manager. They are available to assist you 7 days a week, ensuring you receive instant support whenever you need it.

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