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10 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Google Business Profile Ranking and Get More Customers


If you’re the owner of a restaurant or takeaway, you know the feeling of being bombarded by various ordering system providers vying for access to your Google Business Profile. But this profile isn’t just some ordinary listing; it’s more like having a lively online shop right on the busy internet street. It’s a strong tool that brings customers straight to you from Google.

When you improve your Google Business Profile, you’re not just updating details; you’re setting the stage for more people to see you online. This helps you succeed in the tough food business world. Let’s explore how you can make the most of this helpful free tool and stand out among other food businesses.

What is Google Business Profile?


Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, serves as your virtual storefront on Google. Imagine you own a restaurant called “Istanbul Grill House” located at 210 Fratton Rd, Fratton, Portsmouth PO1 5HD, United Kingdom. When someone types “Istanbul Grill House Portsmouth” into Google, what pops up first? That’s your Google Business Profile in action!


It’s like your online shopfront where hungry customers can find all the important details about your restaurant, like your address, phone number, and even what others have said about your food. It’s your digital calling card, making it super easy for people to discover and connect with your eatery.

Why is Google Business Profile Important for Restaurants & Takeaways?

Imagine this: It’s a busy Friday evening, and people in your neighbourhood are craving some delicious eats. What’s the first thing they do? They grab their phones, open the Google Search Engine, type the name of their favourite restaurant and the postcode, hoping to find their go-to spot for a tasty meal. And where do they end up? Yep, you guessed it right—Google Business Profile Listings, scanning to satisfy their hunger.

But here’s the thing: if your restaurant or takeaway’s Google profile isn’t good enough, those hungry locals might not even know you exist. They’ll skip past your listing, not knowing the tasty dishes you’re serving nearby. And don’t forget about those quick searches for “best pizza near me” or “best restaurant or takeaway near me.” If you’re not in those results, you’re losing out on a lot of customers and online visitors.

That’s where optimization comes in. By fine-tuning your Google Business Profile, you’re essentially rolling out the welcome mat for hungry customers, making it easier for them to find and choose your restaurant/ takeaway. So, whether it’s a loyal customer looking to place their usual order or a newcomer searching for their next dining adventure, having a top-notch profile ensures you’re front and centre when hunger strikes.

Optimising Your Restaurant/Takeaway’s Google Business Profile:

Crafting a Captivating Description:
Write a short yet interesting description to make your restaurant or takeaway stand out. Highlight what makes your place special, like delicious food, a cosy atmosphere, or friendly service. Use keywords related to your cuisine and location for better visibility in search results.

Website and Menu Links:
Make it easy for potential customers to find more information about your restaurant or takeaway by adding links to your website and menu. This helps them see what you offer and encourages them to visit or order.


Accurate Location Details: Double-check that your address is correct everywhere, especially on your Google Business Profile. Use Google Maps to pinpoint your location accurately, making it easier for customers to find you.

Choose Relevant Business Attributes:
Pick attributes that accurately describe your restaurant or takeaway, such as dine-in, takeaway, outdoor seating, or family-friendly. This helps Google match your profile with users’ searches better.

Keep Business Hours Up to Date:
Make sure your operating hours are accurate to avoid confusion for potential customers. This helps them know when they can visit or order from you, improving their experience.

Add a Reservation Link:
If you take reservations, include a link in your Google Business Profile to make booking easier for customers. This makes it simple for them to reserve a table or place an order online, increasing the chances of them choosing you.

Upload Interior and Exterior Photos: Use high-quality photos of your restaurant’s inside and outside to attract customers. Show off your ambience, decor, and signature dishes to give them a taste of what to expect and spark their interest.

Respond to Customer Reviews: Engage with both positive and negative reviews to show you care about customer satisfaction. Take time to respond, addressing any feedback or concerns they have. This shows you value their opinions and are committed to providing a great experience.

Add a FAQ Section: Answer common questions in a FAQ section on your Google Business Profile to provide helpful information to potential customers. This helps ease their concerns and makes it easier for them to choose your place.

Post Regular Updates: Keep your profile active with posts about daily specials, events, or promotions. This keeps your audience informed and interested in what’s happening at your restaurant or takeaway, driving engagement and attracting more customers.



Unlock the Power of Google and Improve Your Ranking:

 By following these guidelines and optimising your Google Business Profile, you’re not just updating details—you’re strategically boosting your restaurant or takeaway’s visibility in Google searches.

With a well-optimised profile, you can make it easier for customers to find and choose your place online. But it’s not a one-time thing; staying active in managing your profile helps you stay ahead of competitors and enjoy the benefits of a strong online presence.


In today’s digital world, your Google Business Profile is like a virtual front door to your restaurant or takeaway. It attracts hungry customers and guides them to you online. It’s not just a basic listing; it’s a powerful tool that can make a big difference in the competitive food industry.

By carefully optimising your profile using the steps mentioned earlier, you’re not just updating information—you’re actively shaping how your business appears online. With each improvement, you’re boosting your visibility, strengthening your brand, and increasing your chances of success.

So, take control of your online presence. Manage your Google Business Profile well, and you’ll see your restaurant or takeaway thrive in the digital world. With the right approach and effort, your business can shine brightly among the online competition.



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