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Set up your restaurant profile

Add basic info aboutyour restaurant. Enter your shop
name, preferred domain, restaurant address, and
email. Then, move on to the next step.

Arrange your shifts and time

Schedule your opening and closing time for respective
shifts. Customize all the shifts. Don't forget to add your
delivery and collection time.

Add and customize your menu

Build your menu with full customization ability. Add
food categories and menu items with detailed
information like allergy signs, spicey levels, and much

Give the website the look you desire

Pick a theme of your preference. Add your images an
text. You can personalize your website by choosing the
fonts and colors you like.

Set up your payment methods

Paypal, Stripe, Nochex, Paymentsave, you name it! We
make sure your desired payment method works
seamlessly with our system.

Take your orders online

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White Labelled Food Ordering Platform

OrderE White Level gives you the full customization ability and lets you give your website the look that suits your taste. You can manage all your restaurant activities and keep track of every order. Any feature one can think of to control restaurant business manually, OrderE brings it at your disposal.

Create your own branded website
Bring automation to Manual Business
Integrate online payment system
Manage your apps and website

Prepare your logo, color, and content without any coding skills. You get multiple themes to choose your preferred one.

Enjoy automated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statements that will guide you to grow your business.


Integrate the world's best payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, or Viva Wallet within a moment.

Using OrderE’s white-label you can manage your ordering Eat-In app and the website in the same panel of administration.

OrderE Marchant App

OrderE is the very first company in the UK that provides customers with a merchant app. OrderE Merchant App is a user-friendly, intuitive, and very convenient mobile app with many features.

Your business is in your finger tip
Get an overall idea of your business
Online-Cash and Delivery-Collection
Keep your menu up to date

Manage your restaurant’s shift, delivery collection service, table booking status within a second and whenever you want. Income overview at a glance.


View your sales of today, last 7 days, and last 30 days, and an overall income flow at a glance


Know your customer’s comfort. Get an overview of Online-Cash and Delivery-Collection Orders

Updating your menu was never easier before. Update your menu’s items and pricing within a moment with OrderE Merchant App.

OrderE Eat-In App

Eat-In solves one of the new challenges Covid-19 brought, that is ensuring safety while dining in the restaurant. By using this feature your customers can digitally order food while sitting in the restaurant by just scanning the QR code and remain contactless.

QR code based contactless menu
Easy access to the menu
Easy to find a restaurant
Available on App Store and Google Play

Customer can access your menu and order by simply scanning a QR code, no more physical menu needed!


Once your customer has scanned the code of your restaurant, it will be stored on the app for good. No more scanning will be required for your restaurant.


Customers can also navigate to your restaurant by simply searching your restaurant name.


OrdeE Eat In app is fully performance optimized for both of the mobile platforms. It runs efficiently on both Android and IOS


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