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How to use SMS Marketing for your Restaurant and Takeaway: Tips and Samples


In our fast-paced digital world, where it seems like everyone is constantly connected to their smartphones, tapping into SMS marketing has become absolutely essential for restaurant and takeaway owners. SMS marketing offers a direct line to your customers, with sky-high open rates and a knack for turning those messages into actual sales. This blog will take you on a journey through the world of SMS marketing specifically tailored for restaurant and takeaway businesses.

We’ll uncover why it’s so vital, unravel the secrets of crafting messages that truly grab attention, share 13 ready-to-send SMS templates designed just for your industry, and provide practical tips for implementing these strategies with ease. So, let’s dive in and discover how SMS marketing can supercharge your restaurant or takeaway business!


Why SMS Marketing is Important for restaurant and takeaway business?


SMS marketing is crucial for restaurants and takeaways because it offers an incredibly effective way to reach and engage with customers. Research shows that approximately 98% of text messages are opened by recipients, which is significantly higher than email or social media. Studies have found that around 45% of recipients take action after receiving an SMS, such as placing an order or visiting a restaurant.

Here are a few more reasons why SMS marketing is so crucial:

Unmatched Reach: Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. So, when you use SMS marketing, your message instantly reaches a large audience.

High Open Rates: Unlike emails that often get lost in inboxes, text messages have a very high open rate. Most people read their texts within minutes of getting them.

Enhanced Engagement: SMS allows you to talk directly to your customers, making them feel connected to your restaurant. This personal touch encourages them to engage more with your brand.

Cost-Effective: SMS marketing is much cheaper than traditional advertising methods. This makes it perfect for small to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

Instant Impact: Whether you’re promoting a special deal, sharing a new menu item, or updating customers on their orders, SMS gets your message across instantly. This means people are more likely to act on it right away.

How to write your Restaurant/ Takeaway text template for SMS marketing?

Crafting great SMS templates for your restaurant means finding the right mix of being short, clear, and creative. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you write messages that work for SMS marketing:

Personalization: Personalizing your SMS messages involves more than just addressing customers by name. It’s about understanding their preferences and tailoring your communication to resonate with them. You can incorporate details such as their favourite dishes, past orders, or specific occasions they’ve celebrated at your restaurant. This personal touch shows that you value their patronage and helps to foster a stronger connection with your brand.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Your SMS should clearly outline the action you want recipients to take. Whether it’s placing an order, making a reservation, or redeeming a special offer, the CTA should be concise and compelling. Use actionable language that prompts immediate engagement, such as “Order Now”, “Book Your Table”, or “Claim Your Discount”. Additionally, providing a sense of urgency, like stating limited availability or a deadline, can further encourage recipients to act promptly.

Conciseness: SMS marketing is all about delivering your message efficiently within the constraints of character limits. Be succinct and focus on conveying essential information without unnecessary details. Use short sentences and avoid jargon or complex language that may confuse recipients. Prioritize the most crucial aspects of your message, such as the offer details, menu highlights, or reservation instructions, to ensure clarity and readability.

Value Proposition: Offer recipients something compelling that incentivizes them to engage with your SMS. This could include exclusive discounts, promotions, freebies, or loyalty rewards. Clearly communicate the benefits they’ll receive by taking action, whether it’s saving money, enjoying a limited-time offer, or experiencing a new menu item. Emphasize the value proposition upfront to capture their attention and motivate them to respond positively.

Brand Consistency: Maintaining consistency in tone, style, and branding across your SMS templates is essential for reinforcing your restaurant’s identity and building trust with customers. Ensure that your messages reflect your brand’s personality and values, whether it’s casual and friendly or upscale and sophisticated. Use consistent fonts, colours, and imagery that align with your overall branding strategy. By presenting a cohesive brand image, you can strengthen customer recognition and loyalty over time.

Now let’s dive into 13 SMS marketing templates tailored specifically for restaurant and takeaway businesses:

13 SMS Marketing Template for Restaurant and Takeaway:


1. Special Offer: “Hungry? Enjoy 20% off your next order with us! Use code HUNGRY20 at checkout. Order now: [Your Website URL]”

2. New Menu Item Announcement: “Exciting news! Introducing our latest menu addition: [New Dish Name]. Try it today and get 10% off. Order now: [Your Website URL]!”

3. Limited-Time Promotion: “Don’t miss out! For this weekend only, enjoy a free dessert with every main course. Order now: [Your Website URL]”

4. Reservation Reminder: “Hi [Name], just a friendly reminder of your reservation at [Restaurant Name] tonight at [Time]. We can’t wait to welcome you!”

5. Feedback Request: “We value your opinion! Please take a moment to share your feedback with us and receive a special 20% OFF on your next order. [Your Website URL]”

6. Happy Hour Promotion: “Join us for Happy Hour today from 4-6 pm! Enjoy half-price appetizers and discounted drinks. See you there!”

7. Birthday Offer: “Happy Birthday, [Name]! As our gift to you, enjoy a complimentary dessert when you order online today. Cheers to another fabulous year! [Your Website URL] “

8. Flash Sale Alert: “Act fast! Our Flash Sale is happening now. Get 30% off all orders placed in the next 2 hours. Don’t miss out: [Link]”

9. Seasonal Promotion: “Celebrate the season with us! Enjoy our festive menu specials and get into the holiday spirit. Book your table now! [Reservation URL]”

10. VIP Exclusive Offer: “You’re a valued VIP customer, [Name]. Enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on your next order as a token of our appreciation. Order now! [Your Website URL]”

11. Refer a Friend Promotion: “Spread the love! Refer a friend to us and both of you will receive 10% off your next order. Share the joy of good food! [Referral Link]”

12. Order Pickup Notification: “Your order is ready for pickup at [Restaurant Name]. Swing by anytime during our opening hours to collect your delicious meal!”

13. Last-Minute Deal: “Quick! Enjoy 50% off all takeaway orders placed in the next hour. Don’t miss this amazing deal. Order now: [Your Website URL]!”


How can you implement SMS marketing for your business?

Here’s how you can implement SMS marketing for your restaurant or takeaway business:

  • Build Your Database: Start by collecting phone numbers from your customers. You can do this through online orders, reservations, or sign-ups in-store. Make sure to get permission from customers to send them SMS messages.
  • Choose a Text Messaging Service: Look for a reliable text messaging service provider that offers features like message scheduling, segmentation (sending different messages to different groups), and tracking performance.
  • Craft Your SMS Templates: Use the tips provided earlier or create your own messages tailored to your business goals and customer preferences. Keep your messages short, clear, and engaging.
  • Schedule Your Messages: Plan your SMS campaigns ahead of time and schedule messages to be sent at the best times for your audience. Consider factors like time of day and day of the week when scheduling.
  • Monitor and Analyze Performance: Keep track of important metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to see how well your SMS marketing is working and make adjustments as needed to improve results.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement SMS marketing for your restaurant or takeaway business and see positive results in engaging with your customers and driving business growth.

Need Help? We’re Here!

OrderE specializes in SMS marketing campaigns, having served over 360+ businesses directly from our platform. With our own SMS Gateway, we handle everything from crafting personalized templates to precise data segmentation and sending, ensuring your messages reach your audience effectively. Plus, we offer detailed analytics reports so you can measure the impact on your business. If you’re a restaurant owner looking to increase repeat customers through SMS marketing, OrderE is here to help. Let us create custom message templates and run your SMS campaigns to drive more online orders. 


SMS marketing offers restaurant and takeaway owners a valuable chance to engage with their customers personally, boost sales, and cultivate loyalty. By adhering to the tips outlined in this blog and using the provided templates, you can tap into the potential of SMS marketing to elevate your business. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of SMS marketing, and witness your restaurant or takeaway flourish in today’s competitive environment.



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