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4 Tips to Boost Your Restaurant’s Online Reviews and Ratings


In the world of food, getting good online reviews is a big deal. It’s not just about bringing in new customers – it’s also about keeping the ones you already have. As we explore the online world, having a great reputation is really important for your restaurant.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why positive reviews matter so much for your restaurant and give you four simple tips to make your online ratings even better.

Why Positive Reviews Matter for Restaurant Business:



With online ordering becoming the norm for the food industry in the UK, a whopping 70-80% of customers are now placing their orders through third-party platforms or a restaurant’s own branded website.

As local customers browse through their options, they’ve got plenty of restaurants and takeaways to choose from in the same area. No one wants to risk their evening or party meal by ordering from a restaurant with a low rating or negative reviews.

Ensuring a consistently good online rating and positive reviews has become a necessity for food businesses in the UK. It’s simple, yet a bit tricky – you might have fantastic food quality and top-notch customer service, but if you don’t make an effort to boost your reviews and ratings, your restaurant could end up with a poor rating, potentially losing new customers.

Now we’re going to explore four easy strategies that can help you enhance your online reviews, ultimately making a positive impact on your revenue in the future.

Let’s dive into the 4 simple and practical tips for elevating your restaurant’s online presence and to boost your restaurant’s online reviews!

#1 Prioritize Customer Satisfaction:

To get top ratings on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor, focus on delivering an outstanding guest experience. Ensure excellent sanitization, serve high-quality food, and provide warm hospitality. Keep an eye on online reviews, identify common concerns, and take proactive steps to address them. Making your guests feel valued is crucial for earning positive reviews.

#2 Request Reviews in Person:

Make the most of direct communication to encourage reviews. Train your staff to have friendly conversations with customers, inquire about their experience, and politely ask for a review on their preferred platform. Simplify the process with QR codes leading directly to the review section. This not only makes it easy for customers but also increases the chances of receiving positive feedback while their dining experience is still fresh.


#3 Handle Negative Reviews Professionally:

Negative reviews are inevitable, but your response can make a difference. Address negative feedback with professionalism, express gratitude for the input, and show a commitment to resolving concerns. Timely and empathetic responses not only highlight your dedication to customer satisfaction but also reassure potential patrons that their concerns are taken seriously.


#4 Use Creative Incentives for Better Ratings:

Incentives can be powerful in encouraging reviews. For those providing constructive criticism through negative reviews, consider offering a complimentary dish or free drinks on their next visit. This demonstrates your commitment to improvement and gives dissatisfied customers a reason to give your restaurant another chance. On the positive side, reward happy customers with discounts, coupons, or other incentives to build loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat visits.


#5 Continue the Conversation via Email and More:

Extend the conversation beyond the dining experience by following up with customers through email or SMS. Express appreciation for their business and request feedback. Make it easy for them to leave a review by providing a direct link. Happy customers are often willing to share positive experiences, and a simple follow-up can significantly boost positive reviews for your restaurant.


    In the rapidly changing world of the food online ordering, leveraging the influence of positive online reviews is crucial. By prioritizing these simple strategies, your restaurant can not only improve its ratings but also establish a lasting positive presence in the digital space. 

    Each positive review serves as evidence of your dedication to excellence and resonating with potential customer. Follow these strategies, enhance your online visibility, witness an consistent flow of positive reviews and take your restaurant’s success to the next level.



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